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About Us

Vitagates® is a dedicated and innovative group of like-minded people who believe that the American Healthcare system can operate at a competitive level with the rest of the world in both quality care and efficiency.  While the current system in place in the United States still deals mainly with complicated and cumbersome Healthcare Coverages and heavy on pharmaceuticals, we believe there can be a better way to service all participating members of the Healthcare process. 

Our strategic approach begins with the belief that every person is capable of taking control of their own health by utilizing a lifestyle of wellness and prevention before managing symptoms alone and that taking care of you shouldn't feel like taking medicine.


At Vitagates® our goal is to provide highly efficient and world-class quality software solutions that aims to provide a streamlined and positive experience for patients, caregivers, manufacturers, and distributors.

We are a team of innovators that have decades of dedicated research to discovering a solution - who believe that health care should be a positive experience for everyone, from the patients seeking treatments to the doctors who are dedicated to serving them. We support healthcare manufacturers who place priority on their product’s quality first and profitability second.


We provide unprecedented software solutions for patients, healthcare professionals, and manufacturers who think that medicine should also be about promoting health and prevention, not just reacting to illness and filling out paperwork.

  • To further our cause, we provide preventative healthcare products that are solutions to common health issues and risks.
  • We simplify the research and education involved with Healthcare decisions by providing you with doctor recommended merchandise.
  • Our e-commerce site, Healthcare Kiosk™, delivery services, and technology are easy to utilize and navigate.


Vitagates® strongly believes that Healthcare is an opportunity, and should not be a complicated process to navigate. Being idealistic can be realistic and humanity, passion, and dedication can still fuel a company that is set on seeing the big picture.

  • We are proud to provide healthcare professionals with Healthcare Kiosks™ that offer excellent products while cutting administrative costs.
  • We want to help manufacturers achieve uniformity and control over what they advertise on our website and Healthcare Kiosks™
  • We can bring years of research, expert medical advice, and top-notch healthcare items and services directly to our consumers
  • We can aid in the prevention of medical errors and litigation by enabling caregivers and their patients to reach an informed decision and plot out an agreed upon course of action.

With thoughtful conduct fueled by powerful and positive intentions, diplomacy will be the vanguard of our business policy.


Vitagates® Code of Business Conduct embodies and reinforces our commitment to integrity and helps us to prevent and resolve ethics and compliance concerns. Our core values are a set of beliefs beyond compromise. They are a part of our heritage and are a part of our future.

As Vitagates® continues to grow, we strive to provide excellence in our products, services, and in our business practices. We are committed to maintaining and adhering to the highest ethical and legal standards, and to operating our business with the highest possible integrity. We have established this code to ensure our adherence with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidance, including those that govern the sale and marketing of medical devices, fitness merchandise, health, wellness and, beauty products.

We are committed to:

  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Absolute commitment to Customers, Caregivers, Distributors, and Manufacturers
  • Corporate Responsibility

We highly value your feedback. Please send all questions, concerns, violation reports, etc. to


Our core values are the key principles that guide our conduct and our professional relationships.

VITAGATES Core Values:

  • To provide customers, caregivers, distributors, and manufacturers with uncompromising quality in all our products, services, and education.
  • To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through our tradition of providing high quality products and services within the medical community.
  • To create a secure working environment that fosters ingenuity, integrity, teamwork, and a commitment to quality.
  • To continually improve our Quality Management System to maintain the highest level of regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.
  • To behave responsibly as a corporate citizen by maintaining, reviewing, and enhancing an effective compliance program to prevent and detect violations of laws, regulations, and company policy.

Customer-Focused Culture

Our customer-focused culture is vital to our success. We earn and maintain our customer’s trust through fair, honest, and lawful dealings and by delivering great value and service. We listen to our customers so that we can meet their requirements and also work to understand how they expect us to interact with them. We provide the education and support needed to ensure the safe and effective use of our products. One of our first business priorities is to assist any customer or potential customer; nothing is more important than being courteous, friendly, helpful, honest, and prompt in the attention we give to our customers and business partners.


We have a passion and an expectation for quality and excellence in all that we do. We set high expectations for our business partners and ourselves. Delivering high quality products, services, and solutions is critical to our business success.

Compliant and Ethical Business Conduct

In certain circumstances, it is appropriate for us to enter into contractual agreements with Manufacturers, Distributors, Caregivers, members of the Board of Advisors, Lawyers, CPA’s, and any and all other proper personnel or contractors.  

Such agreements may include:

  • Consulting contracts
  • Professional meetings and speaking engagements
  • Teaching and instructional arrangements
  • Clinical studies and publications
  • Licensing and royalty agreements

All agreements are based on a documented Needs Assessment. Compensation paid to consultants should be consistent with fair market value in an Arm’s Length transaction for the services provided. All payments made to Healthcare Providers, Distributors and Vendors are accurately and thoroughly recorded, including the amount and purpose of the payment.



We encourage our employees to abide by certain rules of conduct based on honesty, confidentiality, good taste, fair play, consideration, and safety. This workplace etiquette is essential if everyone is to work together efficiently and effectively. We value open respectful communication among employees as the most effective method for preventing misunderstandings between individuals, as well as an avenue for resolving differences or concerns before, during, and after involving supervisors and managerial staff.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our competitive advantage resides in our people and their energy and creativity. Our employees are a diverse, talented, and motivated group of people aligned around a common set of goals. We consider it a business imperative to build, celebrate and nurture a corporate culture that is inclusive and provides equal opportunities to all. We treat all people, internally and externally, with dignity and respect. We conduct our communications among all levels of our employees in an open and honest manner, while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal data as required under local law.

Free of Harassment and Discrimination

We value our employees and respect our differences and diversity. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any form. We will not tolerate any action, conduct or behavior, which is humiliating, intimidating or hostile. We encourage our employees to always treat others with respect and do not physically or verbally intimidate or humiliate others; never make inappropriate jokes or comments; do not distribute or display potentially offensive material, including pictures, statements, or videos in your workplace or on your person.  

We encourage our employees to create and maintain an environment where all feel welcome and free of any form of harassment or discrimination, including sexual harassment. Vitagates® recruits, hires, and promotes employees based on the qualifications, experiences, and abilities to perform the work required. Vitagates® does not tolerate discrimination or harassment by or towards job applicants, employees, customers, guests, or any third party. This includes (but is not limited to): slurs, jokes, and other uninvited verbal, graphic, or physical conduct by an individual or group of individuals toward another. Harassment or discrimination based on race, national origin, color, religion, religious creed, spirituality, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, veteran’s status, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, or any other classification protected by federal, state, and local laws and ordinances is in violation of this Code. Breaches of our Code of Business Conduct by any employee may be grounds for disciplinary action including immediate termination.

Free of Unsafe & Unhealthy Behaviors and Substances

We are firmly committed to ensuring a safe, healthy, productive, and efficient work environment for our employees, customers, and the general public. The company has a vital interest in preventing accidents and injuries resulting from the misuse of alcohol or drugs. The unlawful or improper presence or use of drugs or alcohol in the workplace presents a danger to everyone. Vitagates® is a smoke-free, tobacco-free and weapons-free environment.

Third-party Representatives and Other Service Providers

Vitagates® relies on many different third parties and other service providers to represent us and conduct business on our behalf.



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