David Vargas grew up on a farm in Bakersfield, California as the youngest of eight siblings. His mother always took the holistic approach to her family’s health care needs. She had a botanical garden and fruit trees she used to make home remedies. She was always looking for the next herb she could use to soothe their skin, cure all aliments and strengthen their immune system. As a young boy

David was intrigued and interested in all the different natural herbs and botanicals she used to cure them. All David knew, as a child was that his mother’s home remedies tasted and felt good. As a teenager he started purchasing skin care products and realized that his mother’s remedies were better than the store bought ones. He was fascinated by his family’s home remedies and the science of modern skin care.

David’s passion for experimenting with all the recourses of farming led him on a three year journey to create Lumavera, a complete line of skin care products formulated with plant cell technology, virgin botanical extracts, antioxidant rich super foods and advance molecular technologies. He has brought the traditions of three generations into the creation of this line.

David did extensive research for the best skincare approaches for men and women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. He wanted to create a plant based skin care line. With the new movement to go Green these days and his horticulturist/farming background and the right chemist, he’s delivered.

Also keeping in mind male and female skin care needs, his revolutionary products are unisex. Forget about marking off territory in the bathroom these days, sharing a product with your partner is not just cool it’s down right sexy.

Lumavera is a gender neutral. Smart products, that brings true anti-aging solutions, taking beauty to a new level. Lumavera was voted best product 2014 by LNE Spa Magazine. The line is sold in numerous spas and stores around the world including Venetian and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. They are additionally in negotiations with major flagship stores.

Certainly one can be fooled by David’s Armani suites and GQ looks, but thisbusinessman is a rancher and cowboy at heart. He cares about family, tradition and making a difference in the lives of others by delivering skincare products that truly deliver results you can see within only a few days of using them. This California boy isn’t sheepish about his roots.

Anicia: You have a rancher/farmer background but how did you formulate the solutions for advance skin care?

David: I developed the line based on my family’s traditional health remedies and balanced it with common sense nutrition and breakthrough science. I carefully selected the ingredients to deliver the best synergistic combination of nature and science to help significantly improve the appearance of skin and a solution to looking younger.

Anicia: What’s your definition of healthy skin?

David: Healthy skin is the foundation of beauty.Combining Lumavera products